Ray "SpORK" Araldi

Owner, Slightly Furry Beverage Company
Ray Araldi, Owner
I'm a loud-mouthed & brash rabbit, chased down this rabbit hole by a soft spoken yet dedicated & stubborn fox. I'm that guy that says he's just along for the ride but 10mins in, I've researched 3 different routes to our destination that are not only faster but have stops along the way to some hidden food & beverage gems.

Prior to Slightly Furry, I've been working in multimedia production for over 10 years, mostly in voice-over direction/editing/engineering in sound-proof closets & dark basements. Before that I was building network maps and tinkering with fiber optic & ethernet cable in loud, fan-filled closet in some basement.

Now I plan to get out of the basement and into the into brewing & serving some amazing, bold flavors that are as brash as I am.

Fun Facts:

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