Leg Up! Ginger Cider

Leg Up! Ginger Cider Art

Leg up gets it name from the maned wolf, a long leggy boi friend with ginger colored fur. We were hoping this ginger cider would give you a leg up on your next ginger cocktail due to the combination of it’s strong ginger bit and bite and sweet flavor. We didn’t just put a maned wolf on the can because of its ginger fur and cute black socks, It also helps that this guy with a love for the “wolf apple” a tomato-like fruit that makes up the majority of its diet. We may not have included any wolf apples in our beverage, but we did think it was cool maned wolfs were big apple fans like we are.

Witches Tree Cherry Cider

Witches' Tree Cherry Cider Art

Witches Tree gets it’s name from ancient folklore where cherry trees were linked to witches, medicine, mysticism, & magic. Depending on the tradition the tree could be a beacon of healing or harbinger of harm, so we felt it wise to make our first cherry cider with two types of cherries to continue the balance of good and evil. When reading about the history of cherry trees we learned that as the leaves of the cherry tree wilt they produce cyanide, and that deer were believed to be one of the few animals immune to its’ toxins. Couldn’t think of a better critter to put on can.

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